You don’t have to believe all religions are the same to believe that many different religions teach many of the same things.



Sit down, grab a cup of coffee, and put on your reading glasses. There’s still something to be said about the written word.

9 Things The World Scriptures Can Teach All Of Us

9 Things The World Scriptures Can Teach All Of Us

Many things that the world faith traditions teach us are essential parts of living in the world as healthy, loving human beings. These, among many others, are a few of those lessons I’ve found during my time reading different world scriptures.

How To Write Persuasive Sales Copy for Your Product or Service

How To Write Persuasive Sales Copy for Your Product or Service

Whether you’re a low-level marketing manager or novelist of 30 years, the writing process can be agonizing, especially when you’re writing about something you are passionate about. Copywriting for marketing is no different. It’s hard. Not only are there very specific...

7 Ways To Critique Poetry

7 Ways To Critique Poetry

Download the PDF Version of this Article! Poetry, because of it’s abstract and subjective nature, is often seen as difficult to critique. I belong to a writer's group to which I bring my poetry sometimes. When I do, I sometimes hear things like, "It's good!" or "I...

The Fear Of Not Finishing (Contributor’s Blog)

The Fear Of Not Finishing (Contributor’s Blog)

The fear of not finishing can be one of the most debilitating fears a writer suffers from. I know this from experience. Rooted in a deeply-held belief about my artistic self, my personal fear of not finishing manifests as either the lethargy of not starting projects...


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William Bowman

William Bowman

Contributor - Film, SEO, Writing, Lifestyle, Spirituality

Will loves to draw, write, and make movies both as a hobby and professionally! A media veteran with 5 years of agency experience, Will founded We Heart Create in 2019 to help artists like him to share their knowledge with others and get paid for it. That way they can continue to create! Will also loves running marathons and reading books about God and meditation in his free time.

Matt Sheeks

Matt Sheeks

Contributor - Digital Marketing, Web Design

Matt is a professional athlete and expert in making websites perform. He competes in triathlon and owns a digital marketing company White Hat Matt at which he does marketing and web design in Eastern Oregon and Western Idaho. He’s also involved in campus ministry at Eastern Oregon University.

Jason Link

Jason Link

Contributor - English and Grammar, Self-Publishing, Spirituality

Jason is a fantasy author and writing instructor. For over 20 years I’ve been practicing the art of writing and storytelling. He’s the author of The Legender, an epic adventure that Publisher’s Weekly calls a “grande fairytale.” One of his passions is sharing the craft of story with those who want to learn, and he’s taught students from all over the world.

We Heart Create was founded in 2019 with a goal to do good in the world through technology in several ways:

1) To provide high-quality, free media to an online audience.

2) To give independent artists a way to share their skill and fund their work.

3) To use proceeds to fund work that helps empower the powerless.


We Heart Create provides education in the areas of creativity, lifestyle, and spirituality. These three areas have great potential for good in the lives of those who practice them. All of the content on We Heart Create is provided by “contributors” who are experts in their field. Each of them voluntarily gives their knowledge and experience in exchange for the love of spreading their craft and a percentage of the advertising revenue made from their content. This content is then provided free for our online audience.


Will Bowman founded We heart Create in 2019 as a technological skeptic without any previous knowledge of starting a business. After quitting his position at a media agency, Will founded We Heart Create as an experiment – could God use the internet as a force of good both in Will’s own life and the life of others?

In the interim of not having a job, Will built the We Heart Create website and began creating content. Will writes many of the blog posts himself. But most of the content Will is based off conversations and questions poses to his creative friends and acquaintances, his “contributors”. They’re the real source of the creative variety and quality of the site.