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Media projects are often too big for one person to accomplish. You need may need a video producer, a web designer, a graphic designer and a social media specialist all at the same time. Assembling that team for yourself would be time-consuming at best, and disastrous to your project at the worst. What if you pick someone who flakes out or, worse, does a poor job?

Here at WHC Studios, we understand this. That’s why we take the hassle out of assembling your media dream-team. We’ll take your project, onboard it, then find the best and most affordable freelancers and media professionals to make your project the best that it can be.

All of our freelancers are professionals working in their particular field and know what they’re doing. They’re not beginners, and they don’t do shoddy work. We vet all of our media freelancers by the highest quality standards that we know: our own consciences.

Here’s some of the cool media we’ve helped to make.

Model Technology Infrastructure Superhero Animation and Graphic Design Invitations

We got an email from Model Technologies last month informing us about the upcoming Infrastructure Hero Academy to be held in July, 2019. And asking us to help them design media to advertising.

Trouble was, there was absolutely no branding for the idea whatsoever. No images, no color scheme, no typography, nothing. We’d have to create all of that from scratch. In about a week. It was going to be quite the project!

After emailing back and forth enough to write a novel from the messages, Model Tech finally decided on a graphic design invitation and a short video animation for the landing page and social media.

After we decided this, we got our resident graphic designer Katie Pendell on the job creating the design and style for the project from scratch. She did an amazing job of combining the creativity necessary to headline a branding style with the company’s already-existing style and color scheme.

After this, we created a short, with the help of our awesome voiceover artist Pat Hoffman, we created a short, one-minute video animation in the same style and typography to advertise the event.

Overall the project was loved by both we here at WHC Studios and by our clients at Model Technology. We got an email a week later thanking us for the work and the extra effort and quality we put into the project. Overall, a very satisfying project for all parties involved.

Budget: Under $500

Model Technology White Paper Design

Model Technology Solutions is a wonderful client of ours who offers services with end-point management to large companies with thousands of computers, phones, servers, and other end points to standardize. After several successful projects with WHC Studios, we were approached by Model Technology Solutions (again!), this time to design a white paper for them that surpassed the aesthetic of their older designs.

For this project, we brought in amazing WHC contributor and designer Katie Pendell who did a wonderful job pairing professionalism with unique and innovative design to make their product beautiful yet informative.

Modern Cottage Bridal Behind-The-Scenes and Product Photos

Brittanie Cline is a stay-at-home wonder bridal designer and alteration specialist. She owns Modern Cottage Boutique and designs custom-dresses for any type of wedding, any kind of bride, right out of her home in Imbler, OR. We had a wonderful time shooting photos with her and her son Will who was eager to “help” with the shoot at any given moment. So naturally we put him in front of the camera too!

Budget: Under $500

Baptism By Fire – A People Project

A feature directed by the owner of WHC Studios, Will Bowman. Will produced this video while the senior producer at Brent Clapp Media Services, and it was recently released on the La Grande, OR online television channel La Grande Alive. This is one of the projects Will is most proud of, and you should look forward to more of these People Projects coming out of WHC Studios coming soon!

Budget: Volunteer

Model Technology Solutions UEMaaS Explainer Video

A video we finished this month for Model Technology Solutions that explains their service Unified End Point Management. This was a very fun project to undertake and we got to explore a whole new online editing program Powtoon. Big thanks to Steve Bowman for the lead on this project and giving us the opportunity to expand our WHC Studios portfolio to another type of media!

Budget: Under $500

Youth For Christ Union County 2019 Banquet Video

An awesome video WHC Studios recently edited for Brent Clapp Media Services in La Grande, Oregon. Sometimes it takes you one draft to get a project dialed, and sometimes it takes you three. This one took us three. But we’re super happy about how it turned out ultimately and, equally as important, the client Kevin Rainey with Youth For Christ USA in La Grande was pleased with it as well!

Budget: Under $500

Here’s what some of our past clients said.

From one communication professional to another, I can see that Will is truly one of the best. His media skills are stellar and so are his interviewing abilities. I was immediately impressed by his innate gift for quelling interviewees’ anxiety with his fun personality. He also has a knack for asking questions that add unique angles to a story that may otherwise be overlooked.

Brittany Hargrove

Northeast Oregon Health Education Center

Along with great real world production skills that he has honed over the last few years, Will brings a contemporary, positive approach to every project. He is able to be “off-the-wall” creative, yet when the time comes, bring down the ideas to relevant, practical marketing solutions. His ability to learn new tasks and take on new challenges has been essential for our business.

Brent Clapp

Owner, Brent Clapp Media Services

Will is a fantastic content curator to work with. His business We Heart Create was prompt on delivery for behind the scenes photography for our social media marketing. If you are looking for someone to deliver quality content for your business, contact Will first!

Brittanie Cline

Owner, Modern Cottage Bridal

Here’s some of our media certifications too.

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